How We Help

  • We share our corporate national network clients with all of our regional partners
  • We train you on our proven techniques and programs
  • We teach you the methods to easily gain entrance into companies and customers in your local and regional locations
  • We explain our techniques how to network your company within your client’s company
  • We explain how to communicate with all levels of employees within the corporate client
  • We teach you how to run special event days to increase your sales on golf equipment, accessories and apparel, including custom apparel.
  • We will reveal how you can have the best products at the lowest possible prices compared your competitors – while still providing you a handsome profit
  • We will explain how your new business is not seasonal like most golf activities
  • We will show you how to make a great income, work normal hours and still play golf like you’ve always wanted!

Remember – our common goal is to bring new golfers and “lost” golfers into the game.

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