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Our lessons are built around teaching all golfers a simple and easy method. The national average shows us that 40% of new golfers quit because it’s too hard – in 20 years we have never had a student/golfer quit! We’ve taught so many new golfers, that we have it down to a science! Most teaching methods overload the student with too much information and too many movements to remember. We use proven drills the golfer can practice and in the end they will have a perfectly natural golf swing.


Once the new golfer is ready for the course, they will need golf clubs. If they do not already own clubs, we will assist them to help select clubs that are best for them. Unlike most golf stores who want to sell expensive clubs to every golfer, our goal instead is to fit every golfer to the correct set of clubs specifically for his/her body size, having the correct length, loft, lie and shaft. This also includes getting clubs that fit in his/her budget!


Another important aspect of our success to our students is selling brand name golf apparel and other golf products to our corporations and their employees. These items are used for company promotional purposes, in-house use or by the employees. We are one of the largest groups in the country who specialize in closeout apparel and accessories. We offer these items at greatly reduced costs.


All golfers like to test hit the newest clubs of the year. Normally demo days are held at private country clubs for their members. Recently, we introduced this activity to the corporate world forall employees. Normally done in the spring, its has become a company favorite and sometimes we offer more than one demo day per year. We bring the newest drivers, fairway, hybrids, irons and wedges for everyone to try out. Along with this day, we hold an annual spring sale and then again in the fall we hold a Christmas/Holiday sale so employees can shop for deals on gifts.


GROUP LESSONS: To help defray the cost of individual lessons, we also offer group classes. These classes consist of 4-6 employees who participate together in a specific golf lesson, which greatly reduces the cost for the employee.

SHORT GAME: We have developed one of the short game schools especially designed for new golfers who may have trouble chipping onto the green. This school can also be conducted in a group session and the results from all the students have been remarkably successful.

PUTTING CLINIC: We conduct our own putting clinic designed for all levels of golfers who struggle with their putting. We also use THE Putting Doctor, a nationally recognized putting expert who conducts his own special clinic on putting.

FULL SWING: This clinic is great for all levels of golfers. Using the group format, we will teach the full swing step by step. Our goal for the group is to teach the fundamentals of the full swing to everyone in the group.


We understand that company policy may not permit employee family members to take advantage of the Ontal – Corporate Golf Wellness program on company premises. So, we offer the same program to family and friends at local driving ranges. These programs are tailored for:

JUNIORS: We have many employee parents who enroll their children in our Junior program. The junior program has several levels from introducing them to the game of golf to coaching them while in High School and even as college golfers.

WOMEN: We have found that women prefer to be taught in a more private setting and they often bring different skill sets than men. We are always sensitive to their needs.

RETIREES AND SENIORS: Many of our corporate clients want to offer the Ontal – Corporate Golf Wellness program to their retiree’s as well. Retiree’sin many cases, are still covered by the company health and wellness plan. These former employees now have the time to enjoy the great game of golf and are often looking for tune-ups. Again – providing a healthy lifestyle.

SALES AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT CLINICS: You know that much business is completed on the golf course. To this end, we offer special clinics for Sales or Marketing meetings or for customer promotional clinics, where we take a group of your employees or customers and hold a teaching clinic on simple golf techniques. We also offer custom active apparel to make important customers know you think they are special. The collars of the shirts will have their name and pants will have their name on a pocket – and you can include a company logo as well. Very special take-a-way for them!

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